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Smart home products shouldn’t be a headache.

Hom.Run was born out of James’s frustration when he wanted to install his new Nest Thermostat. The instructions claimed it would be simple. But what if he damaged his HVAC system while installing the thermostat? And should he really be touching live electrical wires?

When he went online to find professional help, the process was just as complicated. Many sites offered listings, but all of them left him with the task of sifting through a large number of taskers, contacting them individually for prices, comparing dissimilar quotes and qualifications, and lining up their vague availability.

He also learned that once the task was completed, none of them would be available if he needed support.

The process was complicated, time-consuming, and broken.

We believe in smart home innovations. We believe they make our home more comfortable, bring joy into our lives, and care for our shared environment. But we can’t enjoy their benefits if the process of adding them into our homes is perplexing.

That’s why we created Hom.Run. We are dedicated to simplifying the purchase, installation, and support of smart home products to just a few clicks—so everyone can enjoy these incredible innovations.

The Hom.Run team is comprised of James Kuo, an ex-Googler, Dan Scheffler, founder of the 5-star rated Bay Area Maintenance, and Paul Nayangcharoen.